Ezovir Cold Sore Relief Tablets 500mg X 3

Ezovir Cold Sore Relief Tablets 500mg X 3

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General Information

EZOVIR is an antiviral medicine used to treat recurrent outbreaks of cold sores in adults and adolescents who have a normal immune system (the body system which fights against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi).

Cold sores are an infection caused by a virus called herpes simplex type I (HSV-1). The infection is most commonly acquired as a baby or child from contact with parents or relatives, often from kissing.

Cold sores usually begin on or around the lips, mouth, and nose as small red bumps that turn into fluid-filled blisters. Cold sores can be tender and painful. Many people who get cold sores know when one is coming by a tingling, burning, itchy or painful sensation or redness in the area. This can happen very rapidly.

After redness and swelling develop, blisters form. The blisters may weep or burst and this can be painful. Then a shallow ulcer and yellow crust form as the cold sore dries. The crust eventually falls off, exposing new pink-coloured skin. Generally the sores heal without scarring.

● Ezovir - 1 Dose/ 3 Tablets - Famciclovir - Fight Cold Sores - Cold Sore Relief
● Read the instructions for directions or usage of the Medicines.

● Ezovir 3 tablets should not be used if the patient has any prolonged disease or is allergic to famciclovir or penciclovir cream.
● The Medicines are only for adults.
● Pregnant women should only take medications as advised by the doctor.

Note: This product is a Pharmacist Only Medicine and requires pharmacist advice for us to send it to you. If you want order this product, you will be required to call us on 03 9306 7709 to complete the order.  We are required to obtain information from you to ensure we meet our care standards for the supply of this medication. Our pharmacist will call you to confirm these and provide information where applicable, In case we are unable to contact you within 48 hours, your order for this item will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

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