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The world has become health conscious these days more than ever in the decade. Awareness about health and health tracking tools is spreading everywhere. The heart holds prime importance whenever we talk about the health of individuals. That’s because every 4th person is having some kind of heart-related ailments. And, blood pressure is the best indication of the condition of a human heart. But there are a lot of online blood pressure monitors available without any guarantee or verification. Therefore, before buying it, you must know everything about the best blood pressure monitors 

What are automatic blood pressure monitors?

Automatic blood pressure monitors are small and portable devices that check the blood pressure of a person at the comfort of their home. They are great assistance to people who need to have regular blood pressure checkups, especially people in their old age who are greatly benefited from these devices. The automatic blood pressure monitor works on the oscillometric method.

What makes them helpful is the fact that a person doesn’t need to have any professional training to operate one of these machines. Here is how you can use an automatic BP machine at home.

How to use a blood pressure monitor at home?

It is quite easy to get your blood pressure done on an automatic BP machine. These are the steps involved in doing blood pressure monitoring at home.

Precautions -

  • It is helpful if a person uses the blood pressure monitor on an empty bladder, this improves the accuracy of the results
  • Wait for at least half an hour if the person has taken any caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco products
  • Ensure that the clothing is loose and relaxed.
  • Ensure the batteries in the monitor are working or it is properly charged.

Using the machine -

  • Insert the air plug into the monitor if it is detachable.
  • Sit comfortably in a relaxed posture with legs uncrossed and back supported.
  • Wrap your cuff provided with the monitor on the upper part of your bare left arm or the wrist as per the device, make sure that the lower part of the cuff stays 1 inch above the crease of the elbow.
  • The cuff should be wrapped tightly though, it should be loose enough to slip the tip of a finger under the cuff
  • Now place the arm on a table or desk in line with the level of the heart, making sure that the arm is placed comfortably.
  • Press the start button on the monitor. The cuff starts inflating at this point. After inflating the cuff deflates and the result is displayed on the screen.
  • Now remove the arm cuff and note the result.
  • It is suggested that the person using a digital BP monitor consults a qualified medical professional before interpreting the results on their own.

But what are the benefits that have made automatic blood pressure monitors so widely accepted?

 To answer this question, below we mention some of the benefits offered by automatic blood pressure monitors.

Benefits of top blood pressure monitors

The most important benefit of an automatic blood pressure monitor is that they highly reduce your dependency on your doctor for routine blood pressure checkup. Especially the people who suffer from hypertension or hypotension must have routine blood pressure checkups.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of an automatic blood pressure monitor -

  • Doing the blood pressure test with a traditional instrument requires its operation by a qualified medical practitioner. On the other hand, digital monitors give you automatic results without any hassle. A person can do blood pressure monitoring at home with the help of this machine.
  • The portability of the device makes it very handy when traveling.
  • It proves to be convenient for people requiring close monitoring of their blood pressure levels and proves to be a great blood pressure machine for home use.
  • Blood pressure monitors save both money and time for users due to their economical pricing.
  • It becomes beneficial for pregnant women, by reducing frequent visits to the doctor for checking the BP.
  • Helps the elderly to check their BP levels without depending on anybody else.
  • Reduces the chances of alerting reaction or pressure response.
  • Patients on BP medication are highly benefited as the machine is available at the comfort of their home.
  • Most digital monitors come with a memory function that helps in tracking previous records of the person using them.

Now it is also necessary to know what factors to consider in blood pressure monitors of 2021 before buying one. We have placed a guide below that you can use as a filter while deciding on a product.

Factors to be kept in mind before purchasing a BP monitor

Below are some of the factor you can consider when making a purchase -

Ease of use - It is important that the system offered by the monitor is not too complicated and can be easily operable by the user without any hassle. This is one of the most important features to consider while looking for an automatic blood pressure monitor.

Power Source - Most fully automatic digital blood pressure monitors come powered by batteries or an AC adapter or sometimes both. So the user must consider the monitors also from a power source perspective as it also affects the mobility of the device.

Type - Digital monitors generally come in two variations - arm cuff and wrist mount. Though wrist mount ones are easy to carry and operate, the ones used on the arm cuff show more accurate results. So a user should choose the monitor as per suitability.

Display - While looking for a digital blood pressure monitor, one should also pay the attention to display quality and size. Both factors change among different brands.

Features can greatly affect your choice while purchasing a digital monitor. That makes it a major point to consider. Hence, we present some popular features.

Common features offered by various brands

Let's now look at some of the popular features offered by various top brands -

One-touch use

To keep the process simple for the user, the monitors work with a one-touch start/stop button.

Enhanced Intellisense 

The enhanced IntelliSense technology integrated with the monitors makes sure that the results are as accurate as possible.

Body Movement Indicator

The smart body movement indicator makes sure to notify the user of any movement which can affect the results of the checkup.

Hypertension Indicator

The hypertension indicator shows whether a person is having hypertension according to the blood pressure.

Reading Memory

The reading memory function ensures the proper record keeping of results of previous blood pressure monitors done by the user.

Cuff Wrapping Guide

The cuff wrapping indicator shows whether the user has done proper cuff wrapping to get precise results.

Irregular Heartbeat Indicator

Irregular heartbeat indicator is a critical function that lets the user know that the heartbeats are irregular which is a cause of concern if experienced regularly.

LCD Display

It is important to have a monitor that has a large and quality LCD for the display of proper results.

After being presented with all the information about features, let’s see some of the top blood pressure monitors of 2021.

Top automatic blood pressure monitors

Here are some of the top blood pressure monitors you can consider for purchase-

1. OMRON HEM - 7130 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON HEM - 7130 Deluxe is manufactured by one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers OMRON from Japan. It has been validated by the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol. It is an upper arm type monitor and comes with a warranty from OMRON.


2. OMRON HEM - 7121 Standard Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON HEM - 7121 Standard is also manufactured by OMRON. It uses batteries as a source of power and offers many of the features mentioned above in the article. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry. It is also an upper arm type monitor and comes with a warranty from OMRON.


3. Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor X3

Rossmax is a Taiwanese brand with a strong reputation in medical equipment manufacturing. It has validations from institutions like the British Hypertension Society and the European Society of Hypertension. The X3 model provides accuracy for both diastolic and systolic measurements.

4. Rossmax Wrist Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

This is a popular wrist-mounted blood pressure monitor from Rossmax. It provides an even easier user experience than the arm-mounted blood pressure monitor. It comes in an XL size which makes the display of results clearer and better.




It is for sure that digital blood pressure monitors provide excellent assistance in maintaining good heart health. Though, it is suggested to visit your physician just after the purchase. This helps in verifying that the monitor is giving the correct results or not. It is also important to focus on the maintenance of the monitor on a regular basis to ensure its sound functioning in the long term.

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