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Talk about the most precious organ of the body and you will get just one answer, It’s Heart. Even the brain can’t work if the heart is not working properly. But, there is so much unawareness about the heart, its common problems that people just forget their best friend of life. The function of the heart is to pump blood throughout your body, to each organ. So, if this central organ is in trouble, your whole body is going to feel the consequences. Understand your heart, know more about it so that you can take care of it and save yourself from chronic issues that spoil the years of people.

There is so much to know about heart-healthy habits, common heart problems and the symptoms behind them. Not all symptoms result in you falling into the floor like in movies, some of the symptoms are even not noticeable. It’s true that older people are more prone to common heart conditions but poor health-related activities and lifestyle can bring these heart problems in the earlier phase of life also. Those who know about heart issues from a younger age and follow healthy heart exercises, a healthy heart diet and a heart-friendly lifestyle ensure that they face the common heart problems never in their lifetime. You must know about a few people around you who have never had any heart issue even in their 70s and 80s, how do they do it? Let’s find out today. We start with the symptoms that should be taken care of. These are common heart symptoms that almost 70% of humans face someday in their lifetime. 

Common Heart Symptoms you Should Always Recognize 

Obviously, you know that your heart is working silently when you read this. Since you are thinking about it, you can even feel the heartbeat. Are you checking it? Tell us in the comments section if you really felt it. So, the heart can communicate with you like this. Sometimes, you have to hear your heart in order to recognize common heart conditions from the symptoms it is trying to convey to you. Let us help you with that. Here are the symptoms that someone can feel when they have any kind of heart issue in the initial stage. 

  1. Pain or Discomfort in The Chest

The very first sign and most common symptom of a heart problem is pain in the chest. For some people, it feels like an elephant is sitting on their chest while others say that an ant is always biting it or it’s burning inside. Whatever it may be, it is different for everyone. Also, if the pain is spreading towards an arm, that is also a sign of common heart conditions. So, having a checkup during such discomfort should be the only way to choose for. 

  1. You are Feeling Dizzy More Often in a Day

Everybody feels dizzy when they haven’t eaten but work extensively. This dizziness is not the same. If you have any heart problem, you can feel dizzy more often and without any heavy exercise. Dizziness due to a common heart symptom comes with nausea, stomach upset, sunburn and indigestion. 

  1. Snoring Abnormally During the Sleep

During normal heart function, anyone can snore, that’s not the issue. The main part is snoring heavily and falling asleep multiple times. Commonly known as sleep apnea, abnormal snoring halts your breathing for minute seconds. This puts extra stress on your heart which in turn can impact its activity and functions of the heart. 

  1. Heartbeat is not Regular

This is a well-known symptom of heart disease. Quite easy to recognize with small tools, the heart does not pump in normal condition. Either it is always pumping more than required or it is always performing low. In the former case, it’s called Hypertension and in the latter case, it’s called Hypotension. Though you are familiar with these, to keep your heart healthy, a regular medical checkup is required. 

Other heart symptoms involve throat pain that starts from the chest, jaw pain that spreads and also a never stopping cough. For any of these, always consult a doctor to keep your heart healthy.

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