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Aaaachoo” becomes a pretty common sound as the weather changes and the flu arrives. But unlike the common cold, the flu can get you bedridden for quite a time. The good thing is that the nasty flu virus isn’t much of a danger as a good immune response can beat the hell out of such viruses. However, the problem associated with flu is that it can be quite dangerous to already vulnerable people with weakened immunity. This may be people suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes and asthma.

Even in the case of a healthy individual, flu can cause a lot of inconvenience such as headaches, cold, fever, etc. As an online medical drugs supplier, we need our customers to be informed about various health issues to let them make the right decisions. In this blog, we look at the flu and its virus in detail, so that you can help your body to teach the virus a good lesson when needed.

What is Flu?

We know that you will say, “I know what a Flu is and I can very well handle it”. But do you know that you can become a “flu spreader” even before you see the symptoms? Though it is known as flu, in reality, different influenza viruses can cause flu. These viruses keep creating new strains that try to evade the security system of our bodies. But thanks to our smart biological machine, the immune system figures out how to tackle this intruder. Though most of the time it also requires some help from outside in the form of medicine.

Most cases of flu are a common viral infection that targets the respiratory system but in some cases, they can also cause problems to other body parts such as the brain and stomach.

Flu Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, the flu virus is transmittable even before it begins to show its first symptoms. Yet it is important to be able to differentiate between a common cold and the flu so that the person can get the right flu treatment. Here are some of the common flu symptoms 

Flu Symptoms

  1. Cough 

As the virus affects the respiratory system first, cough is commonly the first symptom of flu. This can be either dry cough or phlegm one. If the affected person has any underlying conditions such as asthma or emphysema, it is important to go for a medical examination.

  1. Sore Throat

Another symptom of flu can be sore throat which usually starts with irritation of the throat. This can cause problems while eating and drinking. Gargling with warm water can be a good home remedy in mild cases.

  1. Fever

The most prominent symptoms of flu include fever causing high body temperature with other symptoms like fatigue and headache. Treatments should be taken with the consultation of a qualified medical practitioner. This becomes fairly easy on an online pharmacy like AMS which provides online medical consultation.

  1. Body Ache

These body aches are different from what a person experiences on a normal day. These are more general and are usually accompanied by chills. Medicine like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are generally used to treat these symptoms.

  1. Breathing Difficulties

Though experiencing breathing difficulties is very rare in the case of flu, it may still affect the people within the high-risk groups. Any difficulty in breathing should be taken seriously and there should be no hesitation in taking professional consultation.

Causes of Flu

Generally, the flu is caused by the different types of influenza virus that keep evolving themselves trying to trick the immune system. However, the body is more prone to the flu when the immunity system is already compromised. This may also be possible when the body experiences sudden changes in environmental temperature.

The flu causes are numerous and can include both internal and external reasons. One of the prominent reasons for flu is its high transmissibility. Mostly the virus travels from one body to another body via airborne droplets from coughing, sneezing etc. A person can also get affected by the virus when they come in contact with a person that was affected by the flu. Though this is rare, it is still a possibility. Especially when it comes to highly contagious forms of virus strains, it is important to maintain social distance and have an appointment with a doctor who can prescribe the right treatment.

Prevention Tips 

As the saying goes - “Prevention is better than cure”. This is absolutely true and the first approach should be to avoid the flu. Doing this requires that a person follow some simple preventive measures. It is important to follow these tips at work or school too so that it does not spread to others.

  1. Maintaining Social Distancing

The first responsibility for a person suffering from flu or flu symptoms is to distance themselves from the crowd. Or if you know a person who is showing symptoms relating to it then too it becomes necessary to distance oneself to avoid catching the virus.

  1. Covering Mouth and Nose

Getting a mask over your mouth and nose can be great protection for both you and others. This becomes crucial when you need to travel through public transport or meet other people who may be vulnerable.

  1. Cleaning Hands

Maintaining good hygiene not only protects against the flu but also all other diseases caused by bacterias and viruses. Having a hand wash after coming in contact with a surface that is likely to be infected is a good practice to prevent infection.

  1. Disinfecting Surfaces

Though it is hard for viruses to survive on surfaces, some of the strains can remain there for a long time. This can pose a great risk for the kids and the elderly. Hence it is important to regularly disinfect surfaces that are prone to touch from different people. The best option for disinfecting are alcohol-based sanitisers which can be easily procured from online drug supplies in Australia.

Top Medicines for Flu

Generally, the symptoms related to flu are mild and subside on their own but in some cases, the person affected may require medicines to treat the flu. In rare cases, a person may also need emergency medical assistance. Here we mention the most prominent flu medicine that can help in treatment. 

1. Paracetamol/Codeine 500/30 

Paracetamol/Codeine 500/30

Among the most effective and prescribed medicine for headaches and fever is Paracetamol. Its medical name is Acetaminophen. However, the medicine can only be procured from a pharmacy with a prescription and previous medical history. This is to ensure the safety of medication for the user. The dosage of the medicine depends on the age and weight of the person and requires a checkup by a doctor before the prescription.

2. Oseltamivir 75


Oseltamivir 75

Oseltamivir helps in treating the symptoms related to flu and is popularly known as Tamiflu. But like Paracetamol, Oseltamivir can only be purchased with a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. This is because the medication can cause allergic reactions in certain people with previous medical conditions or when taken in the wrong quantity.

3. Betadine Sore Throat Gargle


Betadine Sore Throat Gargle

When the initial symptoms like sore throat show up, it’s the best time to treat the condition. Similarly, in the case of sore throat, Betadine sore throat gargle is a great medicine to get relief. For use, it needs to be diluted with water as per the measures provided. Gargling for at least 30 seconds with it can free the throat of any bacteria and virus infections.

4. Euky Bearub Chest Rub


Euky Bearub Chest Rub

When it comes to cough problems, the Euky Bearub Chest Rub acts as a multipurpose cream. When there is congestion in the chest and throat, a gentle massage with the cream can provide great relief. In case of a congested nose, the cream can be diluted in hot water to take steams, helping in opening up the nose.

5. Panadol Mini Caps


Panadol Mini Caps is another paracetamol based medication that is used in treating various pains related to flu. It also helps in treating mild fever and is easy to take without any bitter aftertaste. The medicine requires a prescription from a doctor to be purchased. Online Australian medical supplier AMS provides the option to get an online prescription while getting the medicine delivered at home.

6. Polaramine Tablets


Polaramine Tablets

Polaramine tablets again can only be taken with a prescription. These tablets help in getting relief from runny nose, itchiness, sneezing and burning eyes. It is important to note that it contains alcohol and should not be used by patients with high blood pressure and stomach ulcer.

7. Apo Health Ibuprofen Softgel Capsules


 Apo Health Ibuprofen Softgel Capsules

Ibuprofen is great medicine for flu-related symptoms such as fever, body aches and fatigue. The capsules are offered in soft gel capsules which can be ingested. These capsules have a lifespan of 36 months and require optimum storage of temperature below 25 degrees. The medicine should be taken only after due consultation.

8. Maxigesic Tablets Paracetamol & Ibuprofen


Maxigesic Tablets Paracetamol & Ibuprofen 12

Containing Paracetamol and Ibuprofen as their main ingredients, the Maxigesic tablets provide relief from various pains caused by flu. It also acts against fever and sore throat helping to get faster recovery. However, this treatment should not be taken by people suffering from stomach ulcers and other stomach problems.

9. Apo Health Paracetamol


Apo Health Paracetamol

Apo Health Paracetamol uses paracetamol as its base ingredient helping it to treat flu symptoms such as body aches and fatigue. It also helps in reducing fever and other symptoms of a cold. Further, it requires a prescription from a medical practitioner regarding its dosage for best results.

10. Rikodeine Cough Syrup


 Rikodeine Cough Syrup


If the flu affected person is suffering from dry cough, Rikodeine Cough Syrup can help in the treatment of throat and chest congestion along with the dry cough. Containing Dihydrocodeine the medicine shows faster and effective results in mild cases. But this is a pharmacist only medication and requires a medical prescription for purchase.

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