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When it comes to the summer season only a few places on earth can compete with the Australian weather. Due to the sinking air of subtropical ridges, most regions in Australia face a high-temperature summer along with heatwaves. According to a report by The Guardian, the Autumn of 2019-20 was the second hottest summer recorded to date. The average temperature reached around 1.88-degree Celsius above the average in the country. So, when the summer is departing, Autumn is ready to arrive with pleasant weather and refreshing air.

But as the autumn arrives, the sudden change in the weather also brings in some health hazards with it due to fall in the overall temperature, that is why it is important that everyone focuses and pays enough attention to self-care during this time. Here, online AMS pharmacy presents 10 Autumn health tips that can help you stay healthy and enjoy the season with complete vigour.

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Autumn


Tips to Stay Healthy in AUTUMN Season

  • Regular Workouts

This might sound opposite to what is preached normally by health gurus but still having a more intense workout as compared to the other months of the year can give your body the much-needed boost to your body. Further, the body tends to sweat much less during the Autumn months and having a heavy workout during such time can give the body more stamina and workout capacity. While having a workout it is prudent to choose the earlier time of the day like in the early morning in the evening to take full advantage of the body’s capabilities.

  • Give Space to Lighter Foods on The Plate

As the heat rises outside, the digestion capacity of the body reduces and thus it is a good idea to have some light dishes on your plate. Instead of binding you with strict healthy diet tips, we advise you to have more green and leafy vegetables for this part of the year. Additionally having foods that are heavy in nutrients like protein and carbohydrates can do wonders for your health.

  • Take Ample Sunlight

As the summer passes the amount of sunlight starts decreasing which also causes common health problems like cold and cough. Further, a natural sunbath can give you the required amount of Vitamin D which is crucial for maintaining bone density. Hence we advise you to take a sunbathe whenever there is a chance to maintain the optimum state of physical health.

  • Wear Clothes that balance body temperature

Autumn is the time of year when things aren’t too cold or too hot, however, there may be times when there are sudden changes in the environment temperature. The immunity of a person can get highly affected by these changes in the temperature range. Hence always use clothing that acts as a temperature balancer for the body while maintaining proper air circulation.

  • Reduce Caffeine Intake

People often make the excuse of Autumn to grab their favourite hot caffeine drink, however, these drinks can act as a catalyst for dehydration and higher irregular body temperature. Hence you can work on replacing tea and coffee with a more healthy alternative like lemon water. Still, if you need to have coffee and tea it is best to have them in moderation only a few times a day

  • Use Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques have been used from earlier times in the eastern part of the world to maintain the overall health of the body. Apart from temperature these exercises also help in removing stress and irritability which commonly arise from excess heat in the body. You can use techniques like sun breathing to elevate body temperature or alternate nostril breathing to balance both coldness and heat in the body. However, it is necessary to consult a professional regarding the length and important aspects of the practice.

  • Know the Relaxation Points in The Body

It is very common for a lot of people to feel lethargic during the season of autumn which can also lead to psychological problems like depression and anxiety. However, a simple massage can go a long way in solving this problem. Having a simple massage can help people be relieved from seasonal aches and pains. Furthermore, a good massage can also help in rejuvenating the skin and protecting it against dryness caused by the dry winds.

  • Maintain Optimum Hydration 

Apart from every other tip, the most important one is to keep the body hydrated at all times to stay healthy in Autumn. Water is the best option for a person to keep their body completely hydrated. Due to the coldness in the weather, a lot of people forget to drink water as there is not much sweat loss Although, many a time the body loses important elements like sodium due to this dehydration, that is why it is necessary to take a drink that fulfils this loss. Oral hydration solutions and coconut water are a great way to regenerate all these essential elements.

  • Pay Attention to Hair and Skincare

As the Autumn coldness increases the skin tends to get dry and is more prone to roughness. Hence it is important to use a good moisturiser especially if you already have dry skin and never forget to cleanse your face before going to bed to avoid breakouts. In the case of irritations, it is always prudent to consult a good dermatologist. When it comes to hair care, the most important task is to prevent dandruff which becomes a big problem this season. Usage of medicated shampoo containing ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione once a week can be a great solution for this problem and can be purchased from the AMS online medical store in Australia.

  • Detox Your Body

Among all other tips for the Autumn season, the most important one is to have a clean and detoxed health system. This becomes tough since there is a reduction in the activities of the sweat glands in this season. Having a proper detoxification system can solve this, further, having detoxification drinks like lemon and ginger can also help you in losing weight along with cleaning the system.




Autumn is a season where nature is preparing for another transition into something different, however, being safe is equally important to enjoy this change. Following and practising some health discipline can help your body to be completely ready for the upcoming winter season. Still, there may be times where you may need medication and consultation from medical professionals because of some seasonal ailments. Australian Medical Supplies is Australia #1 online pharmacy that provides the highest quality trusted medical supplies. Our online pharmacy in Australia also offers online consultation with qualified medical professionals to get prescriptions. Additionally, we are the only Australian medical supplier that gives you the option to get your medicines all over the world through home delivery. Visit the AMS store now.



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