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AMS abbreviated as Australian Medicinal Supplies is one of the online trusted medical drugs suppliers in Australia, that aims at providing medical goods and services at dirt cheap price, serving all the portions of the society. Drugs are usually classified into two major categories, mainly called Prescription Medicine (Rx only) and Over the counter drugs (OTC’s). Before moving ahead, let’s understand the difference between both. 

Prescribed Medicines 

Over The Counter Drugs

One can purchase it only with a valid prescription from the doctor or a general practitioner. In other words you need a prescription. 

One can buy it on various online and offline platforms without a prescription from the doctor or a general practitioner. 

Prescription Medicines are usually given to the patients after a proper diagnosis and deep study of the illness.  

OTC drugs usually don’t require any deep studies or the need to go under a legit diagnosis as compared to Prescription Medicine. 

The manufacturers of the Prescribed Medicines should have a licensed permission certificate from the therapeutic goods administration of manufacturing drugs, maintaining the proper proportionate of the drugs in the medicines to serve its purpose. 

Over the counter drugs are also monitored under TGA, but the process isn’t as tough as the ones for Prescribed Medicine. 

In the modern era where smartphones are an irreplaceable part of our lives, we can do anything and everything by sitting in the comfort of our homes. Gone are the days where you have to go out and wait in the long queue to see a doctor. With the magical development in the industry of technology, you can now consult a doctor online. Yes, it is now that easy. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Not just this, you can now get your diagnosis done at your home and get your medicines as prescribed by the doctor online. 

AMSPharmacy is an online medical store that lets you buy prescription products, based out of Australia, and a one-stop destination for all your medical requirements. It facilitates you in every single step, right from consulting a doctor online to buy the Prescription Medicine online

It’s an online Pharmacy that allows you to buy both prescribed and OTC medicines online. Australian Medicinal Supplies helps you put an official end to your concern of not having a valid prescription from the doctor prior to your decision of buying Prescription Medicines online.

All you need to do is just brief about your illness like symptoms, for how long you’ve had these symptoms, and fill in the basic geographic and demographic information like your name, address, email address, phone number, etc., and you are good to go. And this is all you need to get the advice for the prescription.

Every single business is unique in its own ways and AMSPharmacy is an Online trusted medical drug supplier that will fulfill all your medical requirements at affordable rates under one roof. AMSPharmacy has made buying medicine online really easy. Adding to the list of factors that make the Australian Medicinal Supplier stand out from the other players in the same industry is that it delivers the best quality medicines across the globe without worrying about the prices and asking for discounts.

Here are the list of advantages, getting medical prescription online has-

  • It's Online - with modernizing technology, the use of the internet has also increased. Patients & Physicians both are becoming tech-savvy and utilizing the evolving resource to the fullest.

  • Wider Reach -  With the existence of a widely spread virtual marketplace, the scope for the Online medical supplies industry also increased rapidly. The industry of buying medical supplies online is popularizing along with getting medical prescriptions online.

  • Access to the reliability of the doctor - in an online medical prescription or consultation directly from a pool of doctors or physicians to choose from, the patients can actually see the reviews from other patients and select the best fit for them.

  • Discreet Shipping - the medicines ordered from an Trusted Online Medical Store will be delivered at your doorstep in discreet packaging. It facilitates you to get your concerned medicines without having to worry about your neighbours or colleagues peeping in your parcels. Online drugs suppliers have to take the confidentiality of its customers in a way that the package does not have any pictures, labels, or any other information of that sort.

  • Easy Re-ordering - usually the medicines that we use on a daily basis becomes difficult to get from a physical store. Every month you have to visit the physical pharmacy only to be a part of long waiting queues. Re-Ordering medicines online is an easy and painless task. Some online medical supplies facilitators provide you with an extremely easy checkout process in the form of just updating your card details and you are ready to go. 

  • No hidden Costs - the amount that is shown as the MRP on your prescribed drugs is the amount you actually pay. No convenience charges and no additional costs involved.

  • Ensures Privacy - since the entire procedure is followed on the internet and the information is stored in the cloud, the scope of personal data leakage eliminates by almost 100% ensuring the utmost privacy of the users.

  • Eliminates the risk of carrying infection from the doctor’s clinic- Just because now getting online medical supplies became so easy, the risk of getting an infection from the doctor’s clinic reduced drastically which was there otherwise.

  • No more digging holes in the pocket -  getting an online prescription will help you save a lot of time during travel back and forth to the physician and also a humongous amount of money which would have been spent otherwise towards fueling the vehicle.

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Getting an online consultation along with Prescription Medicine online has many benefits to the various individuals involved like patients, physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals. Let’s see each one of them turn by turn-

  • Benefits to the patients- 

The list of benefits to the patients because of the technological advancement in the healthcare industry is huge. For instance, a practitioner will obviously take a lot of time while writing a prescription with a pen and a paper while on the other side, he’d be able to save quite a bit while typing it online. This will ultimately result in shorter waiting times at offline pharmacies. Also, the physician or the practitioner prescribing medicines online can also check upon whether certain heavy medications are covered under the health cover of the patient or not. If it is covered, the patient will be able to brag the best deal for his prescriptions as well as the medicines from an online pharmacy.

  • Benefits to Physicians-

Physicians can consult more patients since the entire procedure has now shifted to an online platform, increasing the productivity of the practitioners. Saves a lot of time because no Marketing people from various pharmaceutical companies can come in between. The entire patient history, right from the diagnostic reports to previous medical history is visible in one click, which is helpful for the physician to change or replace the ongoing prescribed medicines. 

  • Benefits to Pharmacists-  

With the online available databases, it smoothens the procedure of ordering medicines online from an online pharmacy. Also, it reflects the availability of prescribed medicines, if the prescribed 


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