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It is extremely important to Buy Prescription Medicine and stick to it in order to get the maximum benefit from your medicines. To be precise, you need to take the right dose at the right time, in the right way, and at the right frequency. However, the chances of having better health improves, when you take your medicines as directed by your physician. According to a survey, four out of every ten older people who take more than one prescription medicine still do not take one or more of their medicines according to their doctor’s instructions. This can even lead to the disease getting worse or might cause some severe disorders and allergies.

  1. It has been estimated that 23% of patients in the hospitals are due to their inability to manage their medicines as per their medical prescription.
  2. About 21% of all prescription drug-related health issues are caused due to negligence in their dosages. 
  3. Up to 58% of elderly people make some of the other errors when taking their medicines, besides 26% of them are making mistakes that lead to serious issues to their health.

Let’s take a deep dive into the advantages of prescribed medicines:-

What Is a Prescription?

The prescription can be regarded as a written or digital document for the preparation and administration of any drug or device by a Registered Medical Practitioner or any other licensed practitioner. They can include BAMS, Dentists, BAMS, Veterinarians, and many more. There are several parts of prescription, we have listed them below :

  • Personal and Office details of the Physician: Name, Qualification, Address, and Regn. No  
  • Personal details and medical history of the patient: Name, address, gender, age, and Ref. No.
  • Date and time
  • Rx Symbol which stands for the word recipe also known as subscription or direction for compounding the drug.
  • The signature is preceded by the sign “s” known as sigma.
  • It is the most crucial part of the prescription that contains the name and the duration of the prescribed medicines. The names of each drug are written on a fresh line, followed by the quantity of the medicine
  • Directions to be followed by the patient 
  • An open space to refill or special labeling for other additional instructions for the patient.
  • Prescriber’s signature and license number of the doctor.

Why Should You Get Prescription Medicine?

Better health is one of the major benefits of taking medication correctly by having prescribed medicines. Doctors prescribe certain medicines or types of equipment in order to help you out to overcome certain health conditions.  When a person is suffering from any disorder it is essential to have the prescribed amount of drug all the time,  in order to stop the virus or bacteria from multiplying. When proper medication is not taken regularly, the level of the drug in your bloodstream can become low this gives the virus a chance to mutate and become resistant to the effects of the drug.

Failing to use medicines in the prescribed order can result in worsened health conditions which can lead to unwanted side effects, severe disorders that require intensive treatment, and can even cause death. According to a survey held in the United States, it is estimated that 125,000 people die from not taking their medicines in the same prescribed order. 

Benefits of Prescription

Coordinated medical care simply means that you can actively communicate with your doctor and take guidance which can help you to maintain good health.

  • Prescription nevel let’s you fail to take doses at time
  • With a prescription from registered medical practitioner, you can buy medicines anywhere
  • Having a prescription also helps in future events to track your medical health. 

All this keeps you well aware of your health issues and ensures that you have a medical team to help you out in the case of emergencies.

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How AMSPharmacy Will Help You to Get Prescription Medicine?

Some tips to help you with prescription medicine Products

  • Taking your medicines at the regular frequency at the prescribed time

It is advised for the prescription to divide your dosage at even intervals as possible throughout the day. Some drugs are taken twice every 12 hours of the day and some drugs should be taken thrice every 8 hours a day to cure certain diseases. To accomplish this, you need to make a schedule that fits your daily routine. You must take your medicines at the prescribed time to get Benefited Of Prescribed Medicines which will offer better relief.

  • Do not take medicines with the same active ingredients

Active ingredients can be elaborated as the main drug that plays the central role to cure your disease. Taking medicines with the same active ingredients can lead to serious side effects which can ever cost one's life. It is advised to compare your medicines before purchasing them. If you are not sure with the concept of active ingredients you need to ask your pharmacist and clarify your doubts.

  • Only treat the symptoms you have

Some medicines are composed of more than one active ingredient and each ingredient treats a different illness. This can sometimes increase the risk of side effects and other severe disorders. In order to avoid this, choose a medicine that is meant for treating only one symptom.

Need a Prescription?

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