Magnetic Therapy Products

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Magnetic Therapy is a form of medical procedure in which static magnets were used to reduce pain. These therapeutic magnets are integrated into rings, bracelets, shoe inserts, magnetic mattresses and clothes. Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, nutritionists and even sports performance trainers flawlessly use magnet therapy to manage and reduce pain.

In 2018, Australia reported that 3.4 million Australians were living with chronic pain problems. According to various clinical trials, Magnetic therapy is beneficial in numerous painful conditions and pain management. “Painaustralia” suggests that magnetic therapy should be considered and worthy of more research. Therefore, a lot of Australia’s experienced health professionals are starting to suggest magnetic therapy products to the general public. On the other hand, Sportspersons are already taking benefits of these products for years.

Magnetic therapy is not only used to alleviate pain but also provides a plethora of benefits. Some of the benefits are reduced inflammation, more restful sleep, stress relief, correction of energy imbalance, enhanced immune function and increased circulation for old injuries. However, it is mandatory to learn and understand about magnetic devices, in order to leverage substantial benefits of magnetic therapy. It is crucial to get the Online Pain Relief Products from an Online trusted medical drugs supplier.

How does magnetic therapy work?

Magnetic therapy is considered as the best way to resolve pain issues. But, the effectiveness of magnetic therapy depends on several individual conditions such as Strength of magnetic poles, Magnet polarity designs, application method and magnetic field gradient. Therefore, Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief Products should be purchased with proper knowledge or by a certified supplier. The size of a magnet is also responsible for determining strength and penetration. Most of the reputed scientists claim that a pair of small magnets inside a bracelet helps that particular area in blood flow. Which in turn, helps in faster recovery and less pain. Magnetic fields contain both quantity and directional values as they are a vector quantity. Multipolar magnets work better than Q magnets but are also more complex than bipolar magnets. After all these conditions, it also depends on the type of product you are using for pain relief. Here in Australia, Dick Wick is undoubtedly the best and most trusted brand for magnetic therapy products. Dick Wick is the oldest and the most experienced in health and management wellness. Australia wide, their products are recommended by a major health professional and pharmacy stores. Dick Wicks are popular for their high-quality pain relief products.

Let’s look at some of the best Dick Wicks Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief Products:

1. Dick Wicks Activease Thermal Wrist Hand Wrap With Magnets

As the name suggests, the Dick Wicks activease thermal wrist hand wrap is designed to alleviate the pain of the wrist. It consists of 10 powerful sintered ferrite magnets for superior and deeper penetration. Not only that but it is also helpful in joint pain, helps in ease muscles, soothes arthritic tension and also used by sports persons for sports injuries. It’s 10 powerful dick wicks magnets creates a flux field of 10,000 gausses, increases blood circulation and retains body warmth. This magnetic therapy product comes with a lifetime warranty, the unconditional firm supports and one fit size policy with adjustable and comfortable material.

2. Dick Wicks Activease Thermal Ankle Support Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief


A high rated product by a high rated company. Dick Wicks activease thermal ankle support is considered as the Best Pain Relief Products in all of Australia. It comes up with marvellous 8 powerful Dick Wick magnets that can create a flux field of 8,000 gausses. The most common magnetic therapy products measure around 400 to 800 gauss strength but Activease thermal ankle support product offers 1000 gauss strength. Just like wrist hand wrap, it also helps in joint pain, soothes arthritic tension and eases muscles of the ankle. Contoured and darted for no fitting issues. Flexible neoprene and superior ankle support make it a must Buy Pain

3. Dick Wicks Activease Thermal Neck Support Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief


Dick wicks are known to provide best in class products, the activease thermal neck support is just one of them. The high quality flexible and thermal neoprene furnishes with the much-needed support. It’s whopping 18 powerful Dick Wicks magnets push the flux field to over 18000 gauss, which reduces pain significantly and also provides relief to tired neck and shoulders. Just like every other dick wick product, it is also completely drug-free, safe and non-invasive. Apart from the specifications, this Pain Relief Products is washable and fully adjustable, thanks to superior neoprene.

4. Dick Wicks Activease Thermal Elbow Support Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief