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The Covid 19 outbreak has shown the world how little we bother to care about ourselves. With the pandemic affecting millions of people in the world daily, we must start taking care of our immune system. Many studies have stated that the Covid 19 virus affects people with lowered immunity much more easily. Not only that, but bacterias and other viruses can also have a devastating effect on people with low immunity. The immune system protects our bodies from getting infected, which is why nowadays it has become part of our daily lives to take supplements to boost the immune system. The good part is that these immunity booster products are easily available in this digital world. You can buy immunity booster products online through any online pharmacy in Australia.

Why is it Important to Boost Immunity ?

The immune system is what keeps our body protected from infections. Low immunity puts you at a much higher risk during the pandemic but also in your daily life. It increases the chances of getting infections like pneumonia, meningitis, and many others. So, it's important to stay healthy and boost your immune system. Due to the threat of the pandemic, consumption of immunity booster products has increased a lot. Thousands of people have been searching keywords on the internet like immunity boosting products for covid and how to increase immunity. Many immune booster supplements are being sold in the market. To simplify the process for you, here are the 

Top 10 Immunity Booster Products with Proven Efficacy

1. Blackmore's Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold

This is one of the best immunity booster products for pregnant women. The body needs some vitamins and minerals particularly more during pregnancy and breastfeeding to keep the mother and the baby healthy. Blackmore's pregnancy and breastfeeding gold 180 tablets provide 20 important nutrients to the mother and the baby. It contains vitamin D3 and DHA which help the mother during pregnancy. It also contains Iodine which helps the baby's brain grow and folate which reduces the risk of brain and spinal cord defect in babies.

Blackmore's Pregnancy and Brefeeastding Gold

2. Calci-tab 600

Calcium is an important requirement for every human body. Calcium deficiencies can affect all parts of the body which can cause weakened bones and muscles, slower hair growth, and weakened nails and teeth. It also plays an important role in neurotransmitter release and muscle contractions because of which its deficiency can cause seizures in otherwise healthy people. Calci-tab 600 is the best calcium supplement to take if you have a calcium deficiency. It contains calcium carbonate which easily dissolves in our body and helps in curing osteoporosis.

Calci-tab 600

3. Quality Health High Strength Krill Oil

Krill oil contains fatty acids which are similar to fish oil. These fats are good in reducing swelling, lowering cholesterol levels, and making blood platelets less sticky, which helps in preventing blood clots. Quality health's high-strength krill oil capsules are good immune system boosters and easily absorbed by the human body. It supports heart and cardiovascular system health and maintains healthy brain and eye functions. 

Quality Health High Strength Krill Oil

4. Nature's Own Vitamins B12 Tablets

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin that a human body needs but cannot produce. It is usually found in animal products but is also available as oral supplements. Nature’s own vitamin B12 tablets are the best supplement for vitamin B12 as they do not contain any added gluten, sugar, lactose, dairy or animal-derived products. They help in supporting the healthy functioning of the nervous systems, and improve cardiovascular health and heart functioning. 

Nature's Own Vitamins B12 Tablets

5. Caltrate Bone and Muscle Tablets

Caltrate Bone and muscle combine a unique blend of calcium and 4 other minerals that increase bone strength and muscle flexibility. It supports collagen formation and also contains high levels of Vitamin D. Film-coating over Caltrate makes it easy to swallow. It meets the United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Caltrate Bone and Muscle Tablets

6. Mag-sup 500g 250 Tablets

It is a high-end magnesium supplement that balances magnesium deficiency in a person. Magnesium is an important mineral that strengthens the operation of nerves, bones, muscles, and the heart. It protects your body from various muscle and heart-related diseases. Pregnant women take Mag-sup 500g to level up multivitamin deficiency caused during pregnancy.

Mag-sup 500g 250 Tablets

7. Ferro-f-tabs

Ferro-f-tabs are a vital source of iron and folic acid and are used to prevent and treat iron deficiency in an individual. This tablet also helps in curing anemia and treating blood deficiency in pregnant women. Low levels of iron in the blood can cause weakness and even lead to hospitalization. Easily buy this medicine from an Online pharmacy.


8. Quality Health Vitamins C 

Vitamin C plays an important part in boosting the immune system and is essential for the normal functioning of cells. Quality Health vitamins C 500 mg helps promote the immune system, support collagen formation, maintain connective tissue health, and supports absorption of dietary iron. This supplement can be taken by children above the age of 9.

Adults should take 2 tablets daily while children should take 1 tablet daily.

Quality Health Vitamins C

9. Elevit Tablets

Elevit tablets are a multivitamin supplement for pregnant women which supports the proper development of the baby from the time of conception. They're also rich in iodine and multivitamins, and eliminate iron deficiency in the baby. Elevit tablets can be taken once a day or as prescribed by the doctor. 

 Elevit Tablets

10. Quality Health Fridge Free Probiotic

This probiotic supplement helps in restoring the balance of good bacteria in the digestive system. Quality health fridge free Probiotic 60 capsules help in maintaining a healthy bowel movement and reduces abdominal bloating. It is considered as the top product to improve your immunity, as a healthy digestive system only improves the immune system. Adults and children over 12 years of age can take this medicine.

Quality Health Fridge Free Probiotic

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